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AP radio disabled smartzone

New Contributor

The latest aps im joining to my sz are displaying the radios disabled. I have sufficient licenses loaded to sz. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Layer8Solution

Please let us know the AP models, Controller currently running version, AP Zone version. Are there any other APs that are online with config status up-to-date and radios enabled? 

Please login into the AP CLI and execute the command "get wlanlist", "get power-mode". Did we try to create a new Zone, not clone and move the AP to the new zone and verify if the same issue is being reported? 

The above info will help us to narrow down the issue. 

Thank you!

New Contributor

Hi, I will check this thread, because it occurs to me too... The radio LED (of my R310) turns OFF after a few minutes after reboot...

I have only one AP which is working, and it's configuration appear to be "Update Failed", so, when the config will be up to date, I think that this AP will not work anymore...


Thx !!