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AP IP Mode dual addressing IPv4 & IPv6

New Contributor

is there any reason why AP's cannot be deployed using Dual IP mode? advice offered to date has been only to use IPv4 but this has some issues when certain fault scenarios occur and IPv4 route is not viable


Valued Contributor

Hi Andy,

I'm always available for you to ask me these questions directly! 🙂

The issue with the Dual IP mode was a certain set of circumstances and a bug which affected APs being adopted in SZ5.2.0 and is now resolved in SZ 5.2.1 AP firmware and SZ 5.2.0 with AP Patch

Once the APs are adopted and updated to SZ 5.2.1 or 5.2.0 with the AP Zone running AP patch then the issue goes away and you can re-enabled dual-IP mode on the Zone.

Full details are in the Tech Service Bulletin here:

I hope that helps clarify, please let me know if you need any further details.

Best regards,

Cheers Darrel,

Was late so thought I would try the forum out to see if it worked OK.... 🙂