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AP Firmware SmartZone back to ZoneDirector without reset button?

New Contributor

I'm preparing to upgrade our ZoneDirector to a new SmartZone 144 controller. I've tested the process of upgrading the firmware and moving a R510 using the SmartZone's ZD Migration tool. I've also manually converted the AP back to the old firmware, but I had to press the reset button on R510 to get the webpage to come up so I could easily change the firmware back from the AP's webpage.

Is there a way to get access to the local webpage to convert back without pressing the reset button?  Like a command in the command line of the AP when it's running the Smart Zone firmware. Getting access to the webpage or another method is my goal. I'm figuring this out before the upgrade in case I had to convert back for any reason, and it's impossible to access all 80 AP's physically across 20 locations. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Tim,

Once AP's are managed by a controller the GUI is disabled (to save CPU,memory ect) .. you can enable it using command: set https enable

ZD AP's running 9.13 and above have wsgclient (SZ management tool) enabled so they can actually connect directly to an SZ using set scg ip <control_ip> or DHCP option 43 subcode 6 (for SZ discovery)

BUT you must still factory default the AP's otherwise some WLAN/SSID's will not work as they will have ZD based configurations.

If you have AP CLI access it is always best to factory default using " set factory" command.  I have found the reset button to be hit and miss - the AP must be fully booted up (status LED green) before the AP will recognize the reset button has been held the 10 seconds - never try to hold the button down when powering up - this does not work.

The ZD has a cool feature in CLI that allows you to run AP CLI commands to all connected AP's (I think under debug level) - remote_ap_cli -A "set factory" where any valid AP cli command can be in quotes.  This works if you are moving all AP's over.  You can also use the AP CLI script tool per Zone in the SZ after the AP's are connected to factory default. (there should be some KBA with examples of AP CLI scripts in SZ)

Hope this information helps.

Thanks for choosing Ruckus/Commscope products.

Albert Pierson

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