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no DHCP discover via vSZ AP

Dear all,I have a question regarding DHCP leases with R500s connected to vSZ-H. We a management domain with two AP zones working right now in the vSZ. The vSZ is in the cloud and those APs are running at a customer site.Now, I wanted to create a lab ...

axel_robbe by New Contributor III
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Decreased battery life on company WiFi

our mobile phones have a decreased battery life, when they are in the company wifi. if they are off the company wifi or in a wifi in the employees homes, battery life is normal.we are using vSZ with R700/R710 APs. are there any settings we could try?

In AP based 104.x , how to join SZ100!!.

Hi dear.Recently, Ruckus released 104.x version for AP.Discovery configration is different  the version between previously version.It assume you have AP based 104.x.If you want to join ZD, you must configure it as "set director ip x.x.x.x".If you wan...


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