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AP firmware High Connection Errors

I have upgraded my Vsz to and upgraded the APs to  After the upgrade i noticed that almost every AP had a high percentage of connection errors.  I let it go for several days and thought i still had a lot of clients connected so it must be working.  In the events I see a lot of Force DHCP disconnects.  I did not make any changes to that but did double check the settings.  Some wlans were not enabled and some set to anywhere from 5-15 seconds.  Downgraded the firmware to and the connection errors went away.  Has anyone seen this and have any ideas why i am seeing this.  

Agreed, noticed the same. Hopefully they can get this resolved with next release.

Valued Contributor
From 3.5 to 3.6, health metric is more detailed and seperated.

I think metric is calculated by authentication and association in 3.5.
Otherwise, In 3.6, metric is calcualted by more factor such as association, authentication, dhcp, eap.

If in 3.6 percent of failed  dhcp packet is increase, metric would be more higher than 3.5's

If it is a bit fixed, the metric will be great to check health.


Anyone has an idea if this has been fixed in the lates OS ?

in the current Version 5.0 there are no issues anymore

Did you see the many 802.11 Authentication Request/Response packets before? Is this fixed, too?