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how to change the APs ip setting to static quickly

New Contributor
Hi guys,

i want to  changed the APs' ip setting to Static in sz100, but I have more than 300 ap, if any method such as script file  to do this quickly? 

Contributor III
You could use the remote ap-cli scripts from the CLI.

I use a spreadsheet to create my command structure for all the AP's and then just copy and paste it all in:
SZ100# remote ap-cli 74:91:1A:2A:DB:80 "set ipaddr wan"
Note: you need to be in priviledges mode to do this.

Here is a link to an example spreadsheet:


dang,  where is the link??  would really like to see it (link is dead now).  Im trying to create soemthing just like this and it would be helpful to see (and there is nothing like this on the forums or else where via google). tks