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Not showing controllers on SCI

New Contributor

Since about 10 days agora SCI is not finding controllers. We have one ZD3000 and a vSZ does someone know how to solve this?

From the side of the controllers, they are connected to SCI.




vSZ :


thanks in advance. 



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Luis,

Good day to you.

This issue may happen due to many reasons as mentioned below:

1. High disk usage.

2. Storage might be high.

3. We may need to restart the docker. 

4. We may also need to Increase leap size. ( depending on the issue we see ) or We have Incomplete edit files processing.

5. Could you please confirm do we have any events like Disk usage is high ? Navigate to Admin > Status and Update > Check for Notifications if we have any such.

6. We may need screenshots of Spark Master, HDFS, Druid Coordinator, Druid Overlord from Admin > Diagnostics ( which will also give an idea on why the issue started )

This depends on the command outputs and the information mentioned above so that we can proceed with the procedure to solve or fix it.