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How to integrate SCI v.2.2 with vSZ-H v.3.2.1?

New Contributor III
Hi everyone!
We have:
vSZ-H v.3.2.1 - because it is the llast stable version today
SCI v.2.2
I have installed and configured SCI according to the manual, provided the IP and login/password for the mgmt interface of vSZ-H. 
At the vSZ-H side, I have enabled the AP-SCI communication feature in CLI.

The manual for SCI has instructions to configure SCI settings on controller side for vSZ-E v 3.4 only. 
Do I need (and can I) to configure anything at the controller side to send the data to SCI?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Alexander,

For vSZ version below 3.4, you may follow the instructions in page 30 of SCI 2.2 Installation guide to enable SCI data reporting.

Hope this helps.

See Ho

Thank you!
As I understand after update to 3.4 I will have to point the controller to SCI

yes, and vice-versa (you have to set up the vSZ credentials on SCI) and it will automatically work