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Announcement: SmartCell Insight (SCI) 5.1.0 GA Release is now available on Support

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus is pleased to announce a significant new version of SmartCell Insight (SCI) 5.1.0 GA
for analytics and reporting capabilities.  Please find the Release Notes and other documentation
and MD5 checksum'd firmware (yes, the images are 3.6gb and will take time to download!) onthe Support portal at these links.
Be sure to confirm resources aresufficient before upgrade or new installations. 

Version 5.1.0 supports mostprevious controller versions.  We resolved important

issues and added PCI DataSecurity Standard and ZD 10.2 support.


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version5.1.0 (GA) Release Notes


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version5.1.0 (GA) Upgrade Guide


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version5.1.0 (GA) Installation Guide


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version5.1.0 (GA) User Guide


SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version5.1.0 (GA) API User Guide


SCI 5.1.0 (GA) Software Release(Local Update image):


SCI 5.1.0 (GA) Software Release(.ova image):


SCI 5.1.0 (GA) Software Release(.qcow.tgz image):


SCI 5.1.0 (GA) Software Release(.vhd.gz image):


SCI 5.1.0 (GA) Software Release(Azure image):