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unleashed r710 firmware problems - don't buy this product

New Contributor II
my network engineer and I spent over 20 hours with their support and engineering to determine why password protected throughput was a fraction of the open net perf.  finally found the solution:  roll back the firmware!   so we spent all this time confirming their firmware is buggy and not adequately QC'd.  When I asked what consideration they might provide for the enormous inconvenience and net security risks we endured over two months of online support sessions, I got "sorry", then crickets.   Never had such a bad experience with what appears to be a respectable company.  

dev was directly involved in several of the online sessions.  they know there is a problem.  as you can see, it is widely noted in the community board.  they think a downgrade is an acceptable resolution, I guess

Can you give your ticket number to Michael Brado so he can look it up and talk with the Technical Software Engineers.

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Did you open a ticket with Ruckus yet?

Contributor III
Did you ever open a ticket with Ruckus?

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Currently I work for a Ruckus Disty and have had no issues with firmware so far, I understand the issues with apple products and not being great without fast roaming on but so far I have had no issues that cant be fixed without settings.
their TAC support isnt the best hence why we try to support ourselves and our customers.
if you need any more info I will do some testing and let you know.

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