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please help me

New Contributor

My wifi extenders stopped working randomly. They use to work fine, the lights were on, these are the ceiling units (r150). I called Ring, who took over for amazon, they told me I needed to troubleshoot with the switch icx7150. I sent them an image of my wifi cable closet and there was apparently no icx7150 in there. I have no idea where lennar or Amazon may have installed it. I have no idea what to look for or what questions to ask. my home was a brand new bought at the very end of 2019, I'm so frustrated. please help me



Hi @annavalvo

The Unleashed R510 Access Points depend on a switch that provides PoE (power over Ethernet) by default Lennar/Amazon install a Ruckus switch, but it may be another brand, so you can follow the wiring and check those connections, even if the switch is another brand you can try other PoE devices like a doorbell and confirm if the problem is the APs or the switch that is no longer providing PoE, let me add the hardware guide for the ICX7150 switch and what a switch should look like with the connection.

Note: what you need to check if the R510 are no longer powering up, or if the Switch is no longer providing power.

ICX7150 Switch:


Lennar cabinet:



Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

Ruckus at Home: Introduction(Tutorial video)