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major speed decrease when connected through r510 access point

New Contributor
when connected directly to router from isp by ethernet my download is 900mbps, when hardwired to the ruckus 7150 c12 it goes down to 700mbps and when wirelessly connected to the r510s i get around 90mbps. any help on why this is?

I have three questions.
  1. What device are you using to test the Wi-Fi with?
  2. How are you measuring your bandwidth speeds?
  3. Through your tests, what has been your SNR?

Is anyone having issues with using non-unleashed FW?

@Andrew - We discussed this before... I use iperf3 as well as Speedtest on my Cell phone and MacBook Pro. There is no denying there is an issue.  Sorry, it takes quite a bit to setup the environment to test and qualify this every so often.  It's really a full time job if you really want to characterize a WiFi system, RF chamber, etc...
I didn't specifically look at the SNR, but we are talking about  1500-2000 sq-ft of space, open floor plan.  But, i could be right up to the AP, within 6 ft, it really doesn't matter in terms of distance.

Oh yeah sorry. I forgot we'd discussed this before. Professionally I support approximately  9,000 users on various Fortigate, Mist, Meraki, Cisco and Ruckus systems in the U.K, Brazil, and the United States, so I'm used to people testing Wi-Fi with unorthodox techniques. I do believe criticisms are fair when we go through the trouble of documenting our efforts, and by establishing and following a testing methodology  - which you appear to be doing.

Also Thank you for liking my post, I sincerely appreciate it.

      Have you tried firmware 200.4.x unleashed firmware? I suggest that is the next best possible thing.   I know his bug impacts certain RF conditions. I have other clients using 200.6.x on the r510 that gets 580mbps throughout... on iOS devices...  In the mean time I know it's a bit that's hard to trace down if you don't have the same RF conditions. Even the R610 and R710 are impacted by this bug..  Anyway, you will not get your full 1GB on any Wifi 5/802.11ac Wave 2  device. At best on a 2 antenna radio the R510 might get 500-600mbps.