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major speed decrease when connected through r510 access point

New Contributor
when connected directly to router from isp by ethernet my download is 900mbps, when hardwired to the ruckus 7150 c12 it goes down to 700mbps and when wirelessly connected to the r510s i get around 90mbps. any help on why this is?

I've been fighting with Ruckus on this same issue for the last 6 months, since i bought a new home with these R510 Unleashed APs.  They basically shipped craps and wont upgrade us to a working unit, like R730s... I am hoping they see this comment and revisit my request to give me a drop in replacement for the R510s.  I am paying for 1Gbps but getting 40Mbps on wifi through R510 APs. 

Contributor III
In most, cases ruckus is pretty good with stable firmware. It’s just in the recent past year the firmware has a major bug dealing with iOS devices using 802.11ac and a few other mobile devices. It seems to impact in certain RF conditions.  I’m in the process in working with ruckus development team right now in tracing down the issue.  Also It seems not to impact windows 10 or Mac OS X. Some android devices are impacted while others are not.  From what I heard it also impact’s Meraki on their APs that use similar chipsets. My recommendation is go to unleashed firmware 200.6.x for now.

i doubt, ruckus would upgrade you to a r730 since that’s  802.11ax and there are no plans to support the r730 in unleashed firmware. 
Joseph - I thought you downgrade the unleashed firmware to 200.6.x  Hopefully, I can provide. Hopeffully, I can provide more info to ruckus development team since I do believe  this issue only happens in certain conditions.

Brennan - if you can downgrade the unleashed firmware on the r510 to 200.6.x that will help you. You are probably on firmware 200.7.x now which has major speed issues with iOS devices.

Yes, i did downgrade to 200.6, and it got to about 200mbps on its best day after that, still far from my expected 1Gbps.

@Hayk isn't there something in between that would work with Unleashed firmware, like R600s that are less problematic? It maybe cheaper to take a hit as a compnay and upgrade a few long suffering customers (this is an actual damage to the customer, me, for suffering psychologically as well as time, stress and frustration over half a year of suffering which contribute to my degradation in health at my age, all of these are priceless if you really want to discuss laws and litigation),than to defame your entire brandname whats left of it?  Maybe they decided to sell off Ruckus to CommScope because it was already tainted so badly?  What i am suggesting makes perfect sense from a business, brandname, marketing perspectives.  Let me know if R600s work better and is a drop in replacement.  I take it you work for Ruckus?