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Wifi extender?

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I am trying to extend my wifi coverage throughout my home.  I have two r510s installed.  Which 3rd party extender is compatible with my Ruckus r510s?  

I heard Linksys or TP Link are pretty good.

Thank you 🙂



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Nothing is ‘compatible’ but you could create a new SSID in a remote area of your house and your devices would join that if the original SSID isn’t available. Personally I’d recommend more Ruckus gear or putting what you have in better locations to improve reception. 

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I tried to extend the Ruckus WiFi network (2xR510) using NetGear and TP-Link extenders. It "kinda" worked, but I could see it "competed" with Ruckus APs for WiFi frequencies. The performance was good sometimes, but occasionally there were some issues. 

I ended up purchasing a used Ruckus AP, replaced R510 with R710 in the main living area, and moved R510 to the remote area. It works much better, I can see all the clients in Unleashed (both web portal and Android app). Hope it helps. 

P.S. Adding new Ruckus AP is easy, but the first thing you need to do is reset its config and upgrade its firmware to the exactly same version of Unleashed firmware used by other Ruckus APs. Then it will learn the config from other Ruckus APs.


Hi @ph07 

Thank you for contacting RUCKUS Community forums.

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback.

Could you please let me know if this is a Lennar Home RUCKUS setup?

If you have any queries, please raise a new post on the Lennar Community board. (Refer to the below link for the same)

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Hi @Imran_ruckus. Yes, this is for the home setup. Acknowledged ))