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Web address to access my Ruckus from PC

New Contributor

I am having a problem with my copy machine that is connected by Ethernet and I need to manage the static IP address. I have not tried/nor needed to access my unleashed portal for quite a while and now that I do, I cannot log in to, anymore, it says:

Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect to the server at

I can access the app, but all I see there is the WiFi. I need to get back into the panel where I can see the wifi, make changes and also see the Ethernet stuff.

Am I using the wrong website? Back when we bought our Lennar Home, Ruckus helped me get in there and showed me around. Any help appreciated.




Hello @regtay23 

Hope you are doing well ! 

1-I strongly suggest you check in another browser to go to the or

2-If you have access to the unleashed app  once you inside there is like a circle option call "Total Access Points" like the following picture:

I suggest you open the details of the Master Access Point:

Copy and paste that IP address into in the URL of the web browser on your PC that should redirect you to the managed web interface as shown in the below picture:


The mobile app is the same as the web interface here is a short video as reference:

I will leave some guides that can help you on this:

How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications

Creating a New Wireless WLAN (SSID)

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez

New Contributor

It seems like the web address you are using to access your Ruckus Unleashed portal is incorrect or unavailable. Instead of, try accessing it through the local IP address of your Ruckus controller. Typically, you can use the IP address or in your web browser.

If these don't work, check your Ruckus device's documentation or contact Ruckus support for assistance in obtaining the correct local IP address. Once you access the correct portal, you should be able to manage both WiFi and Ethernet settings for your Ruckus devices.

Hi @hashirshabbir 


We appreciate your efforts and time for sharing your valuable suggestion which will help users facing this issue.

Please feel free to contact RUCKUS Lennar Home Community for any assistance.

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Imran Sanadi

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