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WAP not working

New Contributor

Hello, Ever since a power outage last month none of the WAPs in my house have been working. I have tried un-plugging the main device in the hub, but the lights on the WAPs still do not turn on. How can this be fixed?


New Contributor

Experiencing same issue here. Any update?

Hi @Six_Actual

We cannot replace the chassis until you confirm that the hardware is damaged.  Please share the image of the screenshot you are getting while troubleshooting the issue.

Best regards,


Lennar Home Community

Hello, I do not have a personal computer or laptop to preform these checks. That is why I have asked for one of your technicians to come to site and evaluate. Based on other comments in this forum, it seems that my units need to be replaced.

New Contributor

This is a many people with same issue and they want us to have a laptop/desktop try to do these things to fix it.  I had someone from Lennar come and look at it and simply say it needs to be replaced just have them replace it the lower outage probably shorted the access points but the forum is only way.  The forum is no help to us..good luck!