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VLAN support on Lennar Home ICX7150?

New Contributor

I am a network programmer and software engineer. I have inherited the Ruckus equipment due to a new home build by Lennar, but trying to come to grips that the ICX7150-C12 firmware seems to be a cripped or locked down version? or extinct hardware not supported by Ruckus? 

I inquired tech support and they are quick to respond lennar support only available on the community only? I have reviewed the standard ICX7150 online documents and wanted to setup a couple VLANs on the switch. 

Once it tried to get into the console, i had to reset the box as explained to no-password mode, but it seems to keep resetting so I cannot get into admin console, and the web interface seems locked down w/o a password? 

I hope it is possible to login and make changes on the 'smart' switch? I do have access to the Ruckus Unleashed login, but looks like it's only to manage the APs (i have 2) but not the switch? I hope it's just user error and I can figure out a way to actually use some of the advanced features with this expensive hardware. 

Thanks for any support or insight the community can provide.