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The ICX7150 is absolute garbage

New Contributor

I’ve already gone through the complicated steps in order to reset the switch’s IP address bug so that I’m able to access the Internet through my wireless access point after the electricity goes out. I have minimal experience with computers, and was able to figure out how to use the different programs that it took to reset the switch. However, I strongly discourage everyone from using the Ruckus ICX7150-c12 as the terribly frustrating solution prevents the product from being a useful item. Power outages are fairly common in my neck of the woods, so it’s very frustrating that the the only solution is to basically edit the BIOS of the switch, risking bricking the crappy thing. 


New Contributor

Ruckus is discriminating against Lennar homeowners by not providing any support other than this forum. I've had issues with my ICX7150 for years and I can't find any solutions. We are not allowed to call or have someone come out and look at the device. My Ruckus device is simply a piece of garbage hanging from my ceiling and I'm beyond frustrated.

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Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Effective November’2022, ‘Ruckus Support for Lennar Homes customers will no longer be handled by phone or email or remote session. We will be exclusively supporting customers via this community forum support model only.

Please note, this forum is on best-effort support basis.

We request you follow and help us with queries on the post you have raised on this forum and I will assist you to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. (Please refer to the below link)

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