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Team: Need an Assist

New Contributor

Recently purchased a Lennar Home with a Ruckus Wireless System. I had to hook up my new Wi-Fi Service then attempt to establish a connection from my Ruckus System (via CAT 5 Cable) to my Wi-Fi Modem.

However, my Wi-Fi service provider customer support technician said he could NOT help me with the Ruckus Connection because I did not have the Ruckus account or serial numbers to do so.

Does any have any recommendation how I can resolve this issue?


Hi @wbryson795 

Basically means that radio 2.4 and 5G are up but not currently devices are connected 

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

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Hi @ wbryson795


The Unleashed system should be plug and play, by default Lennar configure the system for you, they should give you a pamphlet or in the Cabinet, you may have a sticker, now a regular connection between the modem and the Switch will not work, because it is required to run two protocols DHCP (for IP address assignment) and NAT (for translation of local private addresses to the internet), and these protocols can be run by a router, let me add a guide of the possible setups.



Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

Ruckus at Home: Introduction(Tutorial video)


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández.

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired | Lennar Home Community


Thanks for the good response and feedback. Great video and manual. 

can you help me with establishing Username and Password for Ruckus System?



Hi @wbryson795 

Hope you are doing well ! 

Here is a short video  how to do setup username and password  for  your ruckus system via UI web browser :

Ruckus Mobile app :

Admin usernames and passwords for the Ruckus Wi-Fi Access Points/Switch for Lennar home users

Physical Factory Reset an Access Points Ruckus

Ruckus Unleashed Set-up using your Mobile

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

thanks you very helpful. I am having trouble connecting to the "Configure Me xxx.xx.xx"

Instead Recover.Me-2A47C0 shows up for me to select for connection.

Is there a default password ?