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Switch disconnected - internet not performing properly

New Contributor

My home is 2 years old and have had no major issues to date with the Ruckus performance.  Following a storm last week our internet through the Ruckus has been weak.  While basic internet functionality, such as google, yahoo, etc., is performing as expected other apps such as YouTube, SportsCenter, etc. are not loading.  When I bypass the Ruckus and connect directly to the ATT modem all apps perform as expected.


The dashboard shows the switch as disconnected and when scanning my active connections I don't see an IP address for the switch on the scans.  I've also attempted to update the switch firmware but can't seem to get that to work either as I get a "fail" message.  The lights on the switch all show green for those that are lit.  I did not see any amber colored lights.


Question 1:  is the switch the root cause for the poor performance specific to the YouTube, SportsCenter, etc. apps?

Question 2:  Is there a way to troubleshoot as the guidance provided on other, similar, posts has not led me to success.