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Switch Disconnected - can't access internet

New Contributor

I have asked this before but not getting any help. I have a Lennar home with the Ruckus ICX7150-C12. Had a recent power outage. Now can't access internet using the Ruckus system but can access if I use my local internet provider through their router, which was just replaced. 
I can log into Unleashed Dashboard and note that my Switch is Disconnected. It also indicates I need a newer version of firmware. The Dashboard shows everything is working with the exception of the Disconnected Switch.

I have followed multiple posts and tried to connect per the instructions but I am having no luck updating the software. Had a local tech company try and connect by entering current IP address of the switch but won't allow me to enter any login/password combinations to access. I used the login/password I use to login to Unleashed Dashboard but that does not work. We have tried all the suggested login/passwords provided by Ruckus including Super/sp-admin, admin/sp-admin, etc. to no avail.

We tried multiple times to go to factory reset by holding reset button and waiting for system to reboot (get all amber lights across, then resets to green and WiFi starts working again, but it remembers my old login/password.

I have updated the firmware on the 2 access points and they are responding fine with WiFi. I just can't access the internet via the Ruckus system.

How to I update the firmware? I have downloaded the 3 files (mnz10114.bin, SPS08080f.bin, SPS08095hufi.bin) to a flash drive and plugged into the Ruckus USB port but clueless after that. I have a USBC to USBC cable I can plug into appropriate port on Ruckus but again, don't know what to do after that.

I have a Mac so no access to suggestions on web site using Pirdy or Telnet. Ruckus and Lennar dropped the ball when they stoped providing phone support for all of us.

I am not network tech person and don't really know much about using Terminal on the Mac but can follow instructions if accurate ones can be provided.