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Support Requested

New Contributor

I just moved into my Townhouse with the built-in ruckus wireless systems in all levels. I currently have Spectrum internet, but I'm trying to make use of the ruckus built-in system. 

Can someone please assist me on how to get this done?


Hi @Olaoluwa035 

The CTL light will only be on in the Access Point that will be configured as 'Master' this will be the 'controller' in this access point you will see the green light on CTL.

Regarding 2.4g and 5G, these lights can be either green or yellow, basically in this picture we see that one light is green in 5G when you are far away from this Access Point ( green/yellow /off / off / green ) , your device will try to connect to the other Access Point in 5G , obviously this will take a while to make the change of lights.

Yellows light 2.4G: Radio is up, no clients are connected to the 2.4 GHz radio.
Yellows light 5G: Radio is up, no clients are connected to the 5 GHz radio.

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez