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Super slow wifi

New Contributor

we have a ruckus icx 7150-c12p and 3 r510's for our house. our internet has been getting slower and slower throughout the years. it is now to the point we cannot stream anything at all, which sucks since our house streams everything. I tested my PC, which is connected directly to the modem. it is getting around 500 mbs download, and 150ish mbs upload speeds. when i connect to the wifi and try the same speed tests i am getting less than 1/10th of the speed. What can i do to get my wifi speeds up so we can actually use the devices in our house? 


thank you for that info, it has helped a little bit. now what i am experiencing is that i have to connect to a different wifi signal on every floor i am on. how do i connect to 1 signal that will work for my whole house? 

Wifi networks: Lenar-02005193, Lenar-02005193_5G, and Lennar-02005193


Hi @Ryan 

Thank you for the response and the update you shared.

Any of these Wi-Fi signals via RUCKUS Access Points should work with the whole of your house network environment.

However, if you need more detailed information, you can check the Wi-Fi SSID details from the Unleashed system login and when a device is connected you can check which devices/clients are connected to a particular SSID you configured in your Unleashed system. Please refer to the below screenshot for the same.

Please check and let me know if you have any queries in this regard.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.