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Slow Download Speeds R710 Unleashed

New Contributor
Strange issue with R710 on latest unleashed firmware. Upload speeds consistently incredible on both laptop and phone but downloads even from 5 ft away never go over 200 but stay consistent through 3 thick walls. Speedflex on android shows 550 up 550 down to AP. Iperf reflects results. Cable shouldn't be the problem as I have plugged my laptop on it and gotten the gigabit fiber speeds I should be getting. I have factory reset it countless times set everything to auto and tried manually setting the bands and channel width, am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3fe135b77e24790df97_43e5db9b2eca36b81d35b46dbdb8f876_RackMultipart20190818868831y92-dc568500-96c2-4610-9714-84fb1bdd684c-743324385.jpg1566155318
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Nothing prior with iOS Apple devices? iPad/iPhone . That seems to be a commonality among those of us with problems. Not as much with macOS based laptops.

Valued Contributor II
In addition I would suggest using a fast internet connection and trying to use something like the Speedtest app for iOS or Perhaps iperf's packet sizes and number of streams hides the issue a bit. I definitely see it pretty badly with Speedtest on a gigabit connection. Speedtest uses a dozen or two HTTPS connections to measure speed.

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I think the issues are mainly with IOS not OSX.

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Yeah I agree, the problem seems worst with 2 stream 802.11ac Apple products running iOS, especially iPhone X and newer phones. Makes me wonder if something is going awry with MIMO powersave techniques.

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Thanks all, info has been passed up (iOS, 2 stream 802.11ac clients) need focus.
We appreciate your feedback, and I'll let you know what I hear back.