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Setting up Ruckus and at&t gateway together with same SSID

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I have a Lennar home with Ruckus r510 and ICX 7150 C12P. I am using it's SSID for all my wi-fi needs. I have internet through at&t and the gateway is also broadcasting a wi-fi SSID that is different than the Ruckus AP. Can I turn the wi-fi off on my gateway? Is this the correct configuration? I want the at&t gateway to have the same SSID so I can get extended do I set it up? Does my at&t gateway need to be the primary wi-fi and Ruckus be the bridge? or vice-versa? Also, when the Amazon guy activated the smart home he did not leave any user name and password to get into the Ruckus admin settings. I can get to the unleashed login page but the default user name super/sp-admin does not work. Please help!!!

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Is the att router going into one of  the center 8 inputs if so then you may not have to reconfigure and just click on manage network admin and the Lennar password the update rukus and see if that works

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I have read through all the above post and feel that the original question is still not answered.

My Set Up:

I have ATT Fiber internet with a BG210-700 Modem. This is broadcasting SSID (for the sake of discussion 'UncleATT76')

There is a single cable going into a Ruckus ICX -C12P. This connects to 2 Ruckus APs Zoneflex 510 Unleashed, which in turn broadcast SSID (for the sake of discussion 'UncleRuck76' )

The ICX wires a wall outlet in my basement which in turn connects to an ATT extender 'Air 4921'which in turn broadcast SSID (for the sake of discussion 'UncleAir76' )

The ICX wires another isolated section of my house which I have connected to an old Netgear NightHawk R7000 Router which in turn broadcasts SSID (for the sake of discussion 'UncleGear76' )

So my questions is;

  1. Is there a way to sync up all SSIDs and broadcast as the same network. 
    1. This will help when i change location so the connected devices can change APs quickly
  2. I have 1GB coming in on a connected line (and yes I do get speedtests results of ~950 MBPS) but on any APs i get about 290 downloads on an average.

Please help me in detail if you can for all my above questions.



I would not name the access points the same as the AT&T Wi-Fi just give them their own unique SSID name and if you ever move in the future rename Your new network with the same SSID so that all your devices can quickly and easily connect without having to reconnect each one. Just remember to reset your access points when you move. The access points are limited to a certain speed that is going to be different from your hard wired and from your incoming speed. 

I also forgot to mention that the devices are going to connect to the access point that is closest or that has the strongest signal and your system should spread the load out.  I have 23 wireless devices. 12 connected to AP1 and 11 to AP2.   I have the same ATT plan but I just deactivated the wireless radio on the ATT modem/router 


Thank you for the response.

@Ruckus - Is there a way I can get some more guidance from Ruckus tech support.

I forgot to mention that all the SSID broadcasting devices as mentioned above are quite well distributed in different locations of the large house leaving no dead zones.

I have been able to log on to netgear device and have set it up on an extender/access point, so it doesn't serve as a modem. 

How do network engineers set up access points in offices? So when one moves from meeting room to meeting room, they don't have to reset the wifi connections?

I saw some YouTube videos on passthroughs and disabling firewalls, but since i am not an expert, I haven't attempted that.

4 different SSID in a Lennar Smart Home with oversmart devices is a pain.