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Setting up Ruckus and at&t gateway together with same SSID

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I have a Lennar home with Ruckus r510 and ICX 7150 C12P. I am using it's SSID for all my wi-fi needs. I have internet through at&t and the gateway is also broadcasting a wi-fi SSID that is different than the Ruckus AP. Can I turn the wi-fi off on my gateway? Is this the correct configuration? I want the at&t gateway to have the same SSID so I can get extended do I set it up? Does my at&t gateway need to be the primary wi-fi and Ruckus be the bridge? or vice-versa? Also, when the Amazon guy activated the smart home he did not leave any user name and password to get into the Ruckus admin settings. I can get to the unleashed login page but the default user name super/sp-admin does not work. Please help!!!

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you should not add a 3rd party accesspoint.
use a ruckus accesspoint to extend your range.
you ca also take a R320

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Awesome! Thanks.

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hi, I have setup my rukus wireless but internet is not working on that router via at&t. Whats steps/setup are required on at&t router in order to use rukus as my router?

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Hi Ravindra,

Login the AP and ensure that the AP has internet. (which should be getting from the at&t device)
You can verify it under Dashboard >> Internet >> You should see that there should be an IP under DNS and the "Internet" should show as "Connected".

If the Internet is not connected, then ensure the AP should be getting the IP address from at&t (which I believe is the gateway for your network and serving as DHCP server).

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lennar is the password