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Ruckus system reboots every 15-20 minutes

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Hello, I live in a Lennar home and we started having issues with our equipment within the last two days. All led lights on all 3 of our R510's would turn off every 20-30 minutes, they would boot back up, service restored and then go back down again.  I made sure our internet service has been up.

The ICX 7150 switch and I noticed the SYST led would start blinking amber, after a few minutes it would go solid amber, when that happens the AP would lose power.

  1. The switch (ICX 7150-C12P) SYST light changes from GREEN to blinking AMBER to solid AMBER which then seems to trigger the power cycling of the Access Points. 
  2. Then, the SYST light changes back to GREEN and APs come back online after couple of minutes. 
  3. Then after 15-20 minutes, this cycle repeats. 

Tried a factory reset of the 7150 switch and problem continued.

I connected my laptop via USB-C to the switch and Ethernet cable connected between the Out-of-band management port in the Switch and my computer, had Putty open and was getting ready to do a software recovery (Per this help link). Received "is not alive" when tried to ping ping

Please help with this ASAP.


Hi @rkumar0317 


Please perform an upgrade to the code 08095g UFI and upgrade both partitions with the switching code file named SPS08095gufi.bin, so perform the software recovery using the code 08090k with the upgrade image file named SPS08090k.bin, then when the switch is back to normal upgrade to the file SPS08095gufi.bin for both partitions primary and secondary.


1.Upgrade a Switch ICX-7150-C12P using a USB flash drive


2. Upgrade a Switch ICX7150-C12P via TFTP


3. Upgrade a switch via Web GUI (ICX7150 Switch)


Please let us know if you have any queries in this regard.


Best regards,


Lennar Home Community

New Contributor III

Same exact issue for me. 

New Contributor

There are several tickets open for the exact same issue on the exact same day. It's obvious something is wrong, and it would be nice if Ruckus provided a solution.

New Contributor III

I agree. Something firmware upgrade got pushed out that is giving everyone the same problem. As asked by the techs here, i downgraded the firmware but no success. Very frustrating when internet goes off randomly.