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Ruckus offline

New Contributor

My internet went down yesterday and when it came back online, the only option was Spectrum and not through Ruckus to reconnect.  Both my AP's, upstairs and downstairs, are offline and have no lights on.  I have unplugged the ruckus unit in my laundry room but both AP's are still showing offline. 



Hi @smitty1152 

Could you please confirm if this is a lennar home as we have dedicated team to support and assist on the same. Assuming these are Unleashed unit you can try factory defaulting one and see if it brings it back.

Best Regards



Yes, this is for a lennar home.  After doing some research and talking to other neighbors that have had this issue, it looks like the switch may have gone into router mode or boot mode when the power went off and the AP's are not showing power at all.  The switch only has has a amber light for SYST and green for power.  I was told that Ruckus has sent other neighbors a replacement switch to fix this issue. 

I’m am still waiting on a reply from my response.