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Ruckus no longer broadcasting wifi

New Contributor II
I have a new Lennar home with a Ruckus switch icx 7150-c12p, which is then hardwired to 2 different R510 APs. My ISP is Spectrum and I am using the Spectrum router. Our neighborhood had a power outage and since then I have been unable to locate my Ruckus WiFi network. I still have WiFi access via the Spectrum router and internet access by directly connecting to an Ethernet port through the Ruckus system. When I try to connect via the app it says “you are not connected to unleashed network.”

I contacted Lennar and they sent someone from Smart System Technologies (SST) as they are supposedly the ones that install in these homes. All the guy did was do a power recycle and verify all the connections were working but he was unable to fix the issue. He said the APs are connected and should be working but he couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t locate the network. He was thinking the switch malfunctioned after the power outage and is sending someone else to replace it.

Is it a bad idea to attempt a factory reset? Any other suggestions? Appreciate any feedback.

Is posible that the power outage affected the Access points. I would attempt a factory reset on the APs, if that does not work open a case.

New Contributor III
Please don't factory reset until you have done the following:

1. Are the APs LED lights on? If not, then replace the switch
2. If so what LEDs are lit, what is the color and are they solid or flashing?
3. If the AP is getting power (because you see the LEDs on) then what is the color off the Power LED and is it solid? If not it is not getting an IP address from your Spectrum router. Spectrum normally only gives out a single IP address, so do you have a router doing DHCP & NAT?
4. One of the APs should have the CTL LED lit and it should be green & solid. This indicates the Unleashed Master. 
5. Only as a last resort would I recommend doing a factory reset, and even then you will need to setup the Unleashed network from scratch, not too hard but something that must be done.

Video showing you the components of your network:

Video showing how to setup a factory fresh Unleashed network:

Both APs have a solid green light for PWR. 1 AP has a solid green light for CTL. The 5G, 2.4G, and AIR lights are off. Our spectrum router has DHCP enabled.

New Contributor III
At this point you can either follow the video for reset and reconfigure, call LENNAR and ask them to send someone who can reconfigure, or scan your network to find the IP address of your Unleashed Master and reconfigure that way.