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ICX 7150-C12P to r510 AP power issue

New Contributor II
I have an ICX 7150-C12P and an r510 AP. After a power outage, the r510 is no longer receiving power via the PoE connection. On the ICX 7150, the ethernet port shows a steady (sometime twitchy) amber light. All of the 12 RJ-45 Ports have the same issue as I move the ethernet cable.

New Contributor III
Hi Mess, I'd try:
1. Replace the Ethernet cable
2. If available, connect another AP
3. From switch CLI doublecheck PoE status with "show inline power"

I'm afraid this could be an AP hardware failure.

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Contributor III
Actually you should contact ruckus to replace your switch since it seems to be a very common problem on the switches that are installed on Lennar Smart Homes.  Yes I know a few Lennar smart home owners that experienced this when the power went out...sounds like a bad batch of switches. They come with limited lifetime warranty if you are the original house owner.