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Ruckus R500 - Second Owner

New Contributor II
Recently purchased a newer home (am now the 2nd owner). The builder had installed the Ruckus R500 and the previous owner appears to had been utilizing it as his wifi name keeps appearing as a network option. Where do I start as far as accessing and changing the password, etc. I have accessed the unit and see the reset, etc. Currently have an ISP and this would be for home use along with the basic devices - laptop, phone and tablets. Would I do a reboot or reset as I have researched? This just appears to be a little out of my league but hoping someone can point me in the right direction - thanks!

Contributor III
 I’m assuming the r500 is an unleashed version. If you have access to it and you are able to login to it. You can go to the admin and services tab and go to the backup and restore option.  From there you can do a factory restore option. Assuming you have only 1 r500 or 2. 
Once you do the factory restore ...give it about 5mins for it to do it’s thing. 

Anyway, before you do this you should have your isp router plugged into the switch at the home. 

After doing this reset just follow the instructions this video,  it might look a little different since your r500 might have newer unleashed firmware.