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Ruckus icx 7150-c12p (Lennar Homes) Stopped Sending Power

New Contributor

About 3 weeks ago I experience a power outage for the 1st time in 5 years.  Everything came back up except the power coming from my Ruckus icx 7150-c12p device that goes to devices like my Ring

The icx unit itself seems to be on because I see green lights, but the outputs for power seem to be inactivated

What should I do to fix it?  Do I need to replace the unit?  is there technical support that can help me fix it?

Please let me know



Internal Employee

Hi Mauri 

Are all ports not delivering any power ? 

Would you be able to share output of "show inline power ", "show inline power detail" and "show poe emesg | inc <port number where poe device is connected>"

You can also check "show logging" for any known errors 


I'm not a technical person.  Just a homeowner.

Not sure what you are asking me to do.  It sounds like I should be able to talk to this device, but I have no idea how to do that. 

What I need is a technician to come to fix this issue or replace the device all together

From what I can see, there are 3 output powers cables connected to ports 1 and 2

The System and PWR lights are GREEN

I tried pressing the Reset button, I see amber lights flashing when I do that and the device systems to go through a reset process, but, even after the Reset, I still don't have power outputs


Please advice what to do


Internal Employee

Hi Mauri 

Ack . Thanks for reverting. Please log a ticket using the below link so that we will help you to troubleshoot further and process RMA .

When the device is up not during reset or reboot process. After reboot when the device is completely up are there any amber LED in front panel of the switch ? 




In ports 1-2, where the power needs to come out to go to devices like my Ring, there are no Amber Lights

However, I can see Amber lights in ports 8, 10, and 12.  These ports go to a Samsung Smart Things device, a KEVO device, and a Luttron device.