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Ruckus Unleashed sluggish after power outage and Switch disconnected

New Contributor II

Hi, I know there's a couple threads about this recently, but just hoping you could help me specifically. I have a Lennar house and a ICX 7150-C12P switch.

Since a recent power outage, my Ruckus Unleashed performance is poor. On a browser, pages load sluggishly. Some devices that used to work in the basement don't anymore. On the Ruckus app and, the switch shows as disconnected.

So after a lot of tinkering, I was able to make it this far, but I'm stuck.

1. I can access the web GUI of the switch via the IP (found from the AT&T Smart Home Manager app)

2. I can also use Putty (open it, put that IP, leave SSH as connection type, enter credentials)

3. I then type "enable" on the putty screen

4. I type "configure terminal" to get super access

5. I type "boot system flash primary" to set it to try and run from the primary aka switch mode

6. I type "write terminal" to set it as the default

7. I then exit the screen and login again, "enable", "boot system flash primary". It reboots, but if I run "show version", it lists 

UNIT 1: compiled on Sep 23 2019 at 00:00:25 labeled as SPR08090d

      (32539748 bytes) from Secondary SPR08090d.bin (UFI)

        SW: Version 08.0.90dT213 

      Compressed Secondary Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.15T225 (mnz1011

On the WEB GUI, I see the following. I wonder if my primary got corrupted somehow? Why is it T211 not T213 like the secondary? What's the next best step? Should I reset? Or upgrade the firmware?

Flash Primary Image Version: 08.0.90T211, size=28660224
Flash Secondary Image Version: 08.0.90T213, size=32539748

New Contributor II

Can you get back into that switch, run the command "show flash" and paste the result? I'm not saying you need to upgrade to 92d or have the primary and secondary the same, I'm just curious right now. Also, you should be able to set the boot, save it, and then reboot immediately. The logout and login again aren't really required.

Image_ images_messages_60a2e0e4c1307254c6cc0690_0987a6f0bafe8106a8320a919d6cfd18_ScreenShot20210517at3.28.59PM-48257abd-cf3a-4a10-996d-5e2896db3b39-1644659800.png


SSH@ICX7150-C12 Router>show flash

Stack unit 1:

  NAND Type: Micron NAND 2GiB (x 1)

  Compressed Pri Code size = 28660224, Version:08.0.90dT211 (SPS08090d.bin)

  Compressed Sec Code size = 32539748, Version:08.0.90dT213 (SPR08090d.bin)

  Compressed Pri Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.15T225 (mnz10115)

  Compressed Sec Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.15T225 (mnz10115)

  Code Flash Free Space = 1131024384

BTW, I think, but I'm not sure that I set the default boot correctly. But I did several times "boot system flash primary", but it keeps showing the secondary when I do "show version". This has been complicated, and the firmware upgrade looks even harder, so I would like to not do that if not needed.

    UNIT 1: compiled on Sep 23 2019 at 00:00:25 labeled as SPR08090d

      (32539748 bytes) from Secondary SPR08090d.bin (UFI)

        SW: Version 08.0.90dT213 

Image_ images_messages_60a2e1e38c74ef317253862a_71dfc15ebed6b0377c9fafd81ba83917_ScreenShot20210517at5.35.57PM-8f7c9ae3-1bc5-466a-aa34-50b2b4ab7bbb-918916724.png

SSH@ICX7150-C12 Router>enable

No password has been assigned yet...

SSH@ICX7150-C12 Router#show boot-preference

Boot system preference(Configured):

Boot system flash primary

Boot system preference(Default):

Boot system flash primary

Boot system flash secondary


If you read my personal blog, you will know that I'm not great at networking. Give me a second to get with someone.

Also, don't be afraid of firmware upgrades. They seem much scarier than they really are, especially if you have a Windows computer.

Quick question, do you want to run router code or just switch code?

I think I want to run Switch Code? Since it seems to be on secondary aka Router code, no matter how many times I tell it to boot to primary. I'm guessing the third R means Router. I have a Mac, trying to understand this TFTP stuff on YouTube.

Primary: 08.0.90BT211 (SPS08090d.bin)

Secondary: 08.0.90BT213 (SPR08090d.bin)