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Ruckus Unleashed sluggish after power outage and Switch disconnected

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Hi, I know there's a couple threads about this recently, but just hoping you could help me specifically. I have a Lennar house and a ICX 7150-C12P switch.

Since a recent power outage, my Ruckus Unleashed performance is poor. On a browser, pages load sluggishly. Some devices that used to work in the basement don't anymore. On the Ruckus app and, the switch shows as disconnected.

So after a lot of tinkering, I was able to make it this far, but I'm stuck.

1. I can access the web GUI of the switch via the IP (found from the AT&T Smart Home Manager app)

2. I can also use Putty (open it, put that IP, leave SSH as connection type, enter credentials)

3. I then type "enable" on the putty screen

4. I type "configure terminal" to get super access

5. I type "boot system flash primary" to set it to try and run from the primary aka switch mode

6. I type "write terminal" to set it as the default

7. I then exit the screen and login again, "enable", "boot system flash primary". It reboots, but if I run "show version", it lists 

UNIT 1: compiled on Sep 23 2019 at 00:00:25 labeled as SPR08090d

      (32539748 bytes) from Secondary SPR08090d.bin (UFI)

        SW: Version 08.0.90dT213 

      Compressed Secondary Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.15T225 (mnz1011

On the WEB GUI, I see the following. I wonder if my primary got corrupted somehow? Why is it T211 not T213 like the secondary? What's the next best step? Should I reset? Or upgrade the firmware?

Flash Primary Image Version: 08.0.90T211, size=28660224
Flash Secondary Image Version: 08.0.90T213, size=32539748

Congratulations on working through TFTP on the Mac! That took me forever to figure out!

If the switch joined Unleashed, then it makes me wonder if Unleashed also did a code upgrade after the power outage, which I will get to in a second.

I have never been a fan of storing different versions of code in primary and secondary, but it is a personal preference. I would leave it for now and once everything is running smooth, I would copy primary to secondary just to prevent any problems in the future.

QoS is a funny thing in Wi-Fi. Unless the AP is overloaded, which I suspect your APs aren't, it doesn't have much effect. It shortens the wait timers the device will use when moving through the process to determine if it is free to transmit. I suspect you have a problem elsewhere, and not QoS. I have a Ring, 8 wired cameras, and stream from 5 TV's and I don't have a problem (other than wondering why I have a total of 9 cameras).

What version of Unleashed are you running? When you are looking at the Unleashed dashboard, does it show all your RUCKUS APs as connected?

Yeah the Ruckus was generally responsive when it was in switch mode, until after the power outage, only the Ring could reliably connect to it. Since downloading the 08.09.0j UFI switch driver for the primary flash, my Echo Flex in the basement once again can connect consistently.

Per I am up to date ( All 3 APs are connected, the switch as well (it showed as disconnected for a long time since the outage before I just got it back).

@john_huynh What are the default creds for the ICX switch? I would love to perform the firmware update however, I dont know the username/password. 


Hi All,

It is very common that after a power outage switch may boot with alternate image (router code, if both flash are not upgraded to SW image).

To prevent this, please update both the flash image to SW code or set the preference for the SW image.

Refer my response to a similar query on another thread.

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@syamantak_omer Thank you! I wish this process was much easier and that Ruckus just had both the primary and secondary as switch images for Lennar customers. Like how for the APs, we have the easy web interface, and the easy download firmware from the internet, but the switch upgrade is so hard for most people.

Kind of scary too, it seems my primary image was corrupted since I couldn't manually do it until after the firmware update, but at least all fine now.