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Ruckus Unleased password reset

New Contributor

Lost Ruckus Unleased (


I have the CLI user and password. 

I have the SSID user and password.

I DON'T have the user and password. They are not the same as the SSID or the admin access with the CLI. I have access to the switch via CLI.

How do I reset the user and password to gain access to change the wireless SSID and input a recovery password.



Hi @jcgraybeal

Please follow the below steps to change the unleashed login password.

  1. Go to or scan the QR code to reset the password.
  2. In the Change your password dialog box, enter the following information:
    1. For Username, enter your username.

      The username must be from 1 through 32 characters in length and can consist only of alphanumeric characters, underscore (_), period (.), and Chinese characters.

    2. For Password, enter your current password.

      The password must be from 4 through 32 characters in length. The usage of a pair of special characters "< >" (angle brackets) is limited, but you can use the characters separately.

    3. For New Password, enter your new password.
    4. For Confirm New Password, enter your new password again.
    Figure 1. Changing the Password for a Local Database User


  3. Click Save to save the changes.
    Note: If the authentication failed three times within five minutes, the login is disabled for three minutes.

    Best regards,


    Lennar Home Community