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Ruckus Switch Not Working (Lennar Home)

New Contributor
Our power went out on Thursday and when it came back on the internet wasn't working. It was very very slow and virtually non existent. This has happened before and we discovered the power surge was frying our modem. We replaced our modem last year and got a surge protector to prevent this from happening again. 
We have tried replacing the modem AND router, and nothing is working. I was also told we don't need a router because the ruckus is the router but it doesn't work at all when plugged directly from modem to ruckus. 
The internet works slightly better when sitting right next to the box, and works when connected via Ethernet cord. We had Comcast come out and they said everything is reporting as fine. 
We have checked to make sure all cords are tight, restarted everything a million times, and no luck. I can't find a reset button on the ruckus itself though. 
Last night after my husband replaced the modem, the ruckus 2.4G light was orange and this morning it's green but still doesn't work properly. 

New Contributor


 We spoke to a guy named Tim and we would like to request a new switch.