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Ruckus R720/R710/R610 Unleashed half speed download

New Contributor II
Dear Ruckus, I have invested enough money to get fast and seamless internet on my APs. Not only did I recommend Ruckus Unleashed to many of my friends who wanted a fast and stable internet connection, and they also bought your points. But it is not, stable - yes, seamless - rather yes, fast - no. I carefully read all the similar problems in this forum over the past and did not find a single solution to the problem with half speed internet. Some offer a downgrade to 200.4, some Standalone. But this does not solve the problems if you have a few modern points with Wave 2 (which have the earliest firmware 200.5) and there are not so many to buy ZD. But what is more frustrating is that all the solutions are offered by users, not Ruckus himself. Even the timing of its decision is not defined. Recently a new firmware 200.8 was released, but this problem is still not solved. Because it’s really a problem when an AP for $40 gives Internet download speed up two to three times faster than at a point for $1500. Just tell us you are solving this problem or not? And when is the result possible? If it drags on for a long time, it’s easier to sell all my APs on eBay and switch to another vendor.

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New Contributor II
Downgrade to 200.6 firmware or return it to your seller as after 1y they didn’t fix this known issue.

New Contributor II
Haha.. have you tried to return something to the seller a year after the purchase? 200.6 same issues.

200.6. does not have this problem. We have dozens of unleashed installations running 200.6 and we have zero issues.