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Ruckus R510 Slowness

Ruckus R510 Slowness - My topology Comcast Xfinity X1 router with 1Gbps service, measuring 850Mbps as the output. This goes to a Rucker switch C12P, and the output there is 825Mbps. However, coming out of the 2 APs, even with AP to AP speedtest, its only 400Mbps. At remote location in my house, i am only getting 40Mbps. Troubleshooting with Lennar Home network specialist, everything pointed back to the 2 APs, Ruckus R510 Unleashed. What was the last known working FW version that supported full-duplex speedtest with results near max speed ~800Mbps+?

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Good afternoon, What kind of device are you testing with? also, I feel like knowing your SNR/RSSI channelization (Width), how many streams your running would be important to know as well.

multiple devices, laptop, wired connection. We took the APs, directly to the Switch, which is hardwired to the Comcast Modem/Router.  Disabled the WiFi SSID on the router. version of FMW I am running on Ruckus Unleashed R510 now is: Current firmware version:
I dont believe we have a noise or RF issue. more like fwm version or configuration.

interesting, so you're having a bandwidth problem while connecting through eth1 as well? Are you by chance using a local IPERF3 server to help you? My thought here is that you'll need whoever owns the APs(owns the support entitlement) to set up a case with support directly. 

Yes, Eth1 straight to the Switch, no issue. 825Mbps.  We already opened a case with Ruckus.
We just downgraded to older version: R510_200.
No, we are not using local IPERF3 server at all.
and wifi speedtest coming off of the Ruckus APs, doubled.  However, AP-2-AP still hovering at 425Mbps.  
The excercise of downgrading to an older fmw doubled our speedtest on WiFi, leads me to think this is a purely firmware issue.