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Ruckus ICX 7150 switch does not boot

New Contributor

Lennar home with recent power outage. We have had multiple issues with this device after power failures and I have since put it on batter backup, but the backup could not handle the recent all day Dominion Power outage.

Power light is green, status light is amber/orange. No switch access ports have activity or link lights. Ceiling access points do not have power over Ethernet - no lights.


Unplugged switch, waited 10 seconds, reseated power. No effect. Logged into ISP router and attempted to find IP of switch but the ethernet connection between the devices was shown as offline. Depressed the reset button and connected power. Status lights flashed amber for a period of time, but no other effect. Connected via serial port directly to switch and found boot was not successful:

Ruckus Networks Bootloader: 10.1.18T225 (Jul 13 2020 - 01:53:18 -0700)

Booted from partition 1
DRAM: Validate Shmoo parameters stored in flash ..... failed!

Could not obtain a prompt to troubleshoot further in the console. I need to RMA this device or get specific guidance on how to troubleshoot further.

FYI, it is disappointing that Ruckus has removed phone/email support for Lennar customers. In the past, Ruckus engineers were a great resource to get me through these issues. Lennar homeowners paid for these devices as part of our home purchase and should expect these same level of support as any other customer. These are complex devices and the average Lennar homeowner will not know the first thing about how to troubleshoot them. Removing support channels and linking a guide is not good customer service.