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Ruckus ICX-7150 and R510 AP keeps dropping WiFi

New Contributor

I am the original owner of a Lennar home that was built in 2018 with the Ruckus ICX-7150 and two R510 access points installed. Up until about 6 months ago, the WiFi was running very smoothly. Since then however, the WiFi keeps seemingly dropping out. I have tried to log into the Ruckus Unleashed App to see if there is a firmware update that may resolve this issue as I have never once logged in to check before, however for some reason the username and password that was both given to me, and the original login info on the back of the R510's are not working.

I have tried doing a factory reset on both the ICX and both R510's, however I still am unable to log into the system as it says that my "login information is incorrect." Is there any way to remedy this situation, or is there another way to figure out why my connection keeps dropping?


New Contributor

I feel your pain. I could have authored your same issue - Lennar original owner, gear installed 3/2021. I don't know model #s. This is the first time I've tried to log into my account, similar issues with user name and PW, too. My issues started less than 2 weeks ago following a Duke Energy power outage. ISP has changed out the router and that didn't fix the Wi-Fi dropping. I'm trying to figure out if it's the Ruckus switch, WAPs, router or modem. Meanwhile connectivity is spotty to thermostat and other devices which need WiFi. I have no clue where to start or get support. 😞


Hi @T3hshultzie 


Greetings of the day,


To login to the unleashed dashboard please try the most common username and passwords ( This is key sensitive so please include capital letters )  

Username:admin password: Ruckus! 

Username:admin password: Ruckus1

Username:admin password: Lennar

Username:super password: sp-admin


Admin usernames and passwords for the Ruckus Wi-Fi Access Points/Switch for Lennar home users



Once you login to the unleashed dashboard please share the image of the status of the switch as mentioned below.


Here is where you can upload the image/photo :


you can also drag it to the chat


Also to find the root cause of the WiFi dropping issue please confirm if the issue is happening while it is connected to access points or when it is connected to ISP router. 


Please follow out the next steps.

1. Connect the computer to the ISP router with the ethernet cable. Run the speed test, and confirm if your speed is stable and search for websites,  make sure you have no issues.

2. You can perform the same step on wireless by connecting the computer to the Wi-Fi / SSID coming from the ISP router. (Note: Not the Wi-Fi coming from the access points.)



Please let us know if you have any queries in this regard.

Best regards,


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