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Ruckus ICX 7150 Switch booting as a router

New Contributor

After a recent power surge, my switch keeps booting as a router. I'm trying to update the firmware through the unleashed web portal but not of the files seem to be accepted.

I know this has been asked several times, but I need the 1st-grade answer to get me through this. 

The dashboard just reads "Failed to auto recognize ICX IP address, please provide IP address to continue." on the switch and then when I add in the I.P. address it stays in a pending state for hours.

All of the lights on the switch are solid green.




Hi @Gheiman 


Greetings of the day,


Based on your description it seems that you switch reboots in router mode. To solve this issue please perform the Upgrade to the recommended code 08095g using the switching file named SPS08095gufi.bin using the following guide.


1.Upgrade a Switch ICX-7150-C12P using a USB flash drive


2. Upgrade a Switch ICX7150-C12P via TFTP


3. Upgrade a switch via Web GUI (ICX7150 Switch)



Also here I attach the link on how to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications


Please let us know of you have any queries in this regard.


Best regards,


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