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Ruckus ICX 7150 & R510

New Contributor III

I just moved into a new home by Lennar and they have 1 ICX 7150 and 2 r510s installed in the house. I have ATT Fiber, ATT provides a modem/router which connects to the ICX 7150 and the R510s connects to the ICX 7150 via POE. In their set up they have all of the devices set up as an AP (According to ruckus unleashed). Shouldn't the ICX 7150 be set up as a switch and not an AP?

If the ICX 7150 is indeed suppose to be set as a switch how do I do this? Will I need to reset the whole thing?

Also when ATT installed their modem, they disconnected a commscope bos-mn-1602. Is this important?

New Contributor III
That picture shows that you have 3 R510 APs in your home, so one is not an ICX 7150 switch. 

Damn, I feel hella dumb. I assumed that it was the switch because I thought there was only 2 APs(I found the third on in the garage area). In the unleashed GUI, the switch is not shown in the switch section. Is this correct?Image_ images_messages_5f91c48e135b77e247ae5ce1_16bc03c0be6ecba5c3ef054589dd3a7e_RackMultipart2020070986118hg73-3d56116f-a729-4e83-be92-7bff725f393b-1064533970.jpeg1594328843

The ICX 7150 Will justo forward traffico AND provide power to the APs which aré the wireless devices, technically Is not posible to set the switch as an AP.
Si the módem Will work as the router for the home setup.

With default setings it should work correctly, unless the APs aré not getting power.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c48d135b77e247ae54d8_ae3109d15f6164bdd6c476085801f031_RackMultipart202007091003651n5-d8db0720-7f15-4377-ae8b-4e24f0626da0-870925321.jpeg1594323255
The one labeled Closet is the ICX Switch

New Contributor III
Image_ images_messages_5f91c454135b77e247a281dd_98f7c426b54bc70e2460301ce505c20a_RackMultipart20200709175381ee0-0d3079bc-c3ee-4d29-91bc-1b540a6ad77b-1175077072.jpeg1594323151 
The one labeled "Closet" is the ICX switch.