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Ruckus ICX 7150 & R510

New Contributor III

I just moved into a new home by Lennar and they have 1 ICX 7150 and 2 r510s installed in the house. I have ATT Fiber, ATT provides a modem/router which connects to the ICX 7150 and the R510s connects to the ICX 7150 via POE. In their set up they have all of the devices set up as an AP (According to ruckus unleashed). Shouldn't the ICX 7150 be set up as a switch and not an AP?

If the ICX 7150 is indeed suppose to be set as a switch how do I do this? Will I need to reset the whole thing?

Also when ATT installed their modem, they disconnected a commscope bos-mn-1602. Is this important?

Contributor III
Can you upload a photo of your unleashed setup showing the switch IDENTIFYING as an AP? I don't use the switch with Unleashed, it hadn't occurred to me to try! The BOS-MN appears to be an amplifier of sorts for Coax connections, I don't think you need it if your "Fiber" hands off to your switch directly as ethernet.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c48d135b77e247ae5242_ef55c110853ef03e7f09dd407f832816_RackMultipart202007091003651n5-606aecb3-1fd3-4975-92a1-49c36bb662bb-870925321.jpeg1594323255
The one labeled Closet is the ICX Switch

New Contributor III
This is the proper setup with ATT. The ICX 7150 is only doing layer 2 switching and providing POE+ power to the connected R510's and possibly your doorbell. DHCP & NAT are coming from your ATT router and them naming the ICX as an AP is just an internal designation stating that it is performing only layer 2 functionality. So sounds like you are up, running and ready to enjoy your system!

Image_ images_messages_5f91c48d135b77e247ae573c_9bc9d8349bc4fb3aad596fe9a615c3fa_RackMultipart202007091003651n5-17e4a1da-02ca-4bbc-be0e-758f8672f80e-870925321.jpeg1594323255
The one labeled Closet is the ICX Switch. This looks correct to you?