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Ruckus APs dropping WiFi Connection

New Contributor III

My ruckus wifi keeps dropping connections randomly. Sometimes it lasts hours and sometimes a few minutes. As with the other posts, it started randomly last week or so. The outside internet is good as my computer switches to the wireless router that feeds the switch has good internet. 

What I have seen is when we lost the internet, the green stat light on the switch disappears and instead an amber light flashes. Then it goes through the power cycle, turns on to a solid green stat light and all the APs reboot themselves. A 5-10 minute process all together. 

I have had no changes to the setup in the last 3 years we have owned the home. 

Was a firmware pushed out to the switch that is causing the spate of issues?



Hi @pushpa_hegde 


Please let us know if you have upgraded the AP firmware to the latest version.


If yes, please try to downgrade the AP firmware to its original version and the AP will reboot automatically. Once you are done with the above process please let us know if the issue got resolved or not.


Please let us know if you have any queries in this regard.


Best regards,


Lennar Home Community

Yes. I upgraded to 14.3 today. This started happening prior to that and upgrading the firmware was in response to it. 

Sorry 200.14.  I was on 200.9 before and it was doing the reboot at that time too. 

Hello Jayavidhya, 

How do i get access to zonedirector software?