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Rucks device stops working

New Contributor

Hello There,

The rucks device suddenly stops working and all the access points are also turned off. I followed up on other messages, and try to solve it but had no luck, even Advanced IP Scanner is not able to find it on the network, I also tried to reset it but still nothing, it does not come on the network.

dasfaccess point




Hi @jag4645 

Thank you for the detailed information you shared,

As I can see from the information you shared, the PoE is in the disabled state on all the ports of the Switch (Please refer to the below screenshot). By which the Access Points are unable to get the power.

To enable the PoE on the Switch, please perform the below commands from the CLI:

No password has been assigned yet...
Switch#configure terminal
Switch(config)#interface ethernet 1/1/1 to 1/1/12
Switch(config-mif-1/1/1-1/1/12)#inline power

Also attaching a Screenshot as a reference:

Once you perform the above process all ports should be On, and APs should get the power.

Also, I would like to suggest upgrading your Switch to the latest stable version, as your current Switch is on the old version which is SPS08060. Please let me know once you are done with the above process, to assist you with the upgrading of the Switch.

Please let me know if you have any queries in this regard.

NOTE: Please feel free to mark the post as ACCEPTED SOLUTIONS

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

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New Contributor

I can see Brocade Cummunications Systems LLC, seems like that is a part of ruckus. Please help me asap.

Access point.jpgruckus.jpg

Hi @jag4645 

Greetings of the day!

Thank you for contacting Lennar Home Community.

Hope you are doing well!!!

Thank you for the detailed information you shared.

From the case description, I could understand that your RUCKUS Access Points have no power.

Please follow the below steps and help us with the queries,

1. As you mentioned you have an IP Address from IP Scan with Brocade Communications, please use the same IP Address, try to access CLI, and help with the below-mentioned commands.

2. Once we identify the IP address of the switch proceed to access remotely to the device “Command Line” 

How to remotely access to 'ICX 7150-C12P' or 'access points' "Network devices":

If you can access the Command line should look like this:

ICX7150-C12 Router> OR

ICX7150-C12 Switch>

Please enter the below commands once you log in to CLI and share the output.

Note: Hit Enter to accept each command 


show version

show flash
show inline power 
show inline power detail 

Please share the output of the above commands or share the screenshots if stuck at any step or error (if any) and let me know if you have any queries in this regard.

Thank you again for your patience.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

Hi Imran,

SSH connection is not established, the connection is refused. Is there any other quick way I can share my screen, same problem occurred a few months back, and another support guy was able to work with me live. It is very time consuming, and I am not able to do any my office work. Please help me with easy ways.