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Rented Lennar Home - Ruckus system broadcasting

New Contributor

We just moved into a Lennar home with a Ruckus system.  The system is has a ssid, but none of the passwords provided work, nor did the serial number off what I assume is the master access point (510).  Any ideas?  There's a modem/router that goes to a switch with three ethernet cables going off to the access points - one of which is about 15' in the air (I can reach the other two).  I'm not familiar with mesh systems but am half competent.  At the moment we have the modem going to a normal wireless router for some half-decent internet.  Sadly I can't plug anything directly into an access point - my laptops ethernet dongle is missing in the move.



Hi Ian - 

Two options. You can either do a reset of the AP (hold the reset button down, which is near the ethernet ports) for 10-12 seconds, or refer to this post:

The second option might be tough, since you don't have an ethernet dongle.

Well I got it reset and connected to the (only ie worked, other browsers sent me on a login loop).  Now it seems to be frozen on the "building unleashed network" screen. Progress I guess 😕

New Contributor

After an hour or so at "building unleashed network" I hit F5, got a 404 error then somehow made it to the setup wizard. Went through that, was told your SSID should appear in a few minutes and now I'm back to step 1, though I'm afraid the new & ssids I'm seeing are from the "slave" APs...  Not impressed so far.

Did you enable mesh in the AP you just reset? Try that. It’s in Admin & Services. When you do that the other APs should pick up the master. Be patient. It takes a while to fully build the mesh. 
Also, when you get the building unleashed network, I normally wait about 5 min and just navigate to again from scratch. Works every time.