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Default VLAN on ICX7150 C12P

New Contributor III

I've done a lot of research on setting up additional VLANs on this hardware, and I've successfully implemented without any problems, once I wrapped my head around the process.

I'm going to change the default VLAN to some obscure number (4095, or something in that high range) and move all the ports OUT of the default and into all the other VLANs that I've created. This would include the uplink ports. To preemptively answer the obvious question:  yes, these VLANs have been defined properly on my EdgeRouter.

I've tested this very successfully on lab hardware. Just wanted to ask if anyone knew of any issues with this before I pull the trigger on my production environment?



What you have planned is fine, but the VLAN number I wouldn't suggest. High order vlans are set aside and used by the system. Use something below 4095 and you'll be fine.