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R510 access point worked until i turned off 2.4 and 5ghz radios. cant login via ethernet

New Contributor


my access point mounted on the ceiling worked fine. however, i was in the ruckus settings and tried to turn off the 5ghz button AP, and leave the 2.4Ghz on. however, when i toggled 5ghz off, it toggled 2.4ghz off as well. and i no longer could connect via wifi (obviously since both radios turned off instead of one radio). So, I cant seem to turn them back on. I connected ethernet cable to the R510 and my laptop. it gave me internet, but CANNOT login to the https;// it wont connect. but i do have internet access confirmed. what do i do to get the wifi radios turned back on? do i have to reset the AP? or another method? thanks