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Purchased preowned Lennar home. Need help with network

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We just purchased a Lennar smart home. It currently has the icx switch and 3 access points. I am struggling to get this up and running. I don’t know if I should have but I reset the switch and both access points. I have tried running the app but it tells me I am not connected to the unleashed network. When I try connecting to it tells me there is no internet connection. I just had a new AT&T router installed in the control panel and is connected to the switch. What do I need to do to configure the switch and get the access points connected?

note: I have watched numerous videos and read lots of posts but I haven’t seen anyone with the exact issues that I am having. I “think” I need to configure the switch but I have no idea how to do that when I cannot connect to the unleashed network. Your help would be appreciated. 




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I have since figured everything out. I unplugged all the APs except the master (which I took a lucky guess which one that was) then reset the switch and the master AP. Once I did that I was able to set up the system. However, once I completed setup and setup ssid, etc there was no internet connection and I was no longer connected to the unleashed network. This happened 3 times in a row and I was seriously about to be done with this system. 

I decided the next try I would use to perform the setup rather than the app. Worked like a charm and have had 0 issues since. Once setup was complete, I then plugged the additional APs back in. At first they were recognized but showing disconnected status. After a few more minutes they eventually connected. I couldn’t believe that I actually got this network up and running! I even setup a 2.4 ghz channel for our smart water treatment system that only connects to 2.4. I got all of my ring devices, alarm system, and other devices connected. I am loving this network!!

It’s amazing how you can go from being completely defeated to total accomplishment. I really didn’t think I would ever get this network up and running. Thanks to all who have posted videos, comments, and such on these forums. I took a little something from a lot of different resources to finally figure this out. Word of advice, don’t use the app for setup… use the site!!

Does this mean I am a Ruckusser, Ruckusanian, or Ruckusite now?

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