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New Contributor

I went on my Unleased Ruckus app and accidentally disabled my wifi. Now it's not coming up on my wifi list. The website isn't loading, can anyone help with this problem?



Hi @Cmartins85 

If you have accidentally disabled the Wi-Fi signal, the only way to re-enable it will be through web access, using the IP address of one of the Access Points or using the website called to gain access the Unleashed Dashboard, now you must be connected to the same network and since wireless option is not available you need to cable the computer to the ICX 7150 Switch or even to your ISP router, then you can try the website with the same application credentials or the IP address of one of the two access points, so let me add a guide to find out the IP address of the access points in case after bringing the computer from the website it still does not work, important before trying any option the computer must be online means connected to the ICX 7150 Switch or the ISP router.

1:Connect your computer to the ICX 7150 or the ISP router with an Ethernet cable.

Use any of the yellow port as the image in the switch to connect the Ethernet cable and the other end to your computer.


2:after confirming that the computer is online, try to gain access to the website

Note: the credential is the same as the APP, and if this is the first time, please agree to access.


3:If the website stills not working, search the IP address of one of the Access Points and type that IP address on the web browser instead of the website.


Note: all the time, the computer must be online/connected to the Switch or the ISP router.

How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications


Best regards,
Yarenis Hernandez
Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired